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abstract class %SYSTEM.Activate extends %SYSTEM.Help

The %SYSTEM.Activate class provides an interface to the Cache Activate API

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classmethod Available() as %Boolean
classmethod Initialize() as %Status
Initialize prepares the Activate subsystem for use. Must be called prior to using any Activate Objects
classmethod LoadTypeLibrary(Filename, Package, Flags) as %Status
LoadTypeLibrary loads the COM typelibrary specifed by the Filename parameter. The created files are placed into the package defined by the parameter Package in the current namespace. Flags is an optional parameter which controls the compilation of the generated classes. See documentation for %apiOBJ for a full description of the meaning of the Flags parameter
classmethod Uninitialize() as %Status
Uninitialize tears down the Activate subsystem, reclaiming memory and system resources. Call following last use of any Activate Objects

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