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class %SYS.Task.PurgeAudit extends %SYS.Task.Definition

This task is schedule to run daily after the journal switch (by default At Midnight) The default purge is 2 months (62 days) but can be changed by setting KeepDays to another value in the System Managment Portal.

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parameter TaskName = PurgeAudit;
Inherited description: This defines the user-visible name of this task; This is defined in subclasses.


property KeepDays as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 62 ];
Default purge of 2 months
Property methods: KeepDaysDisplayToLogical(), KeepDaysGet(), KeepDaysIsValid(), KeepDaysLogicalToDisplay(), KeepDaysNormalize(), KeepDaysSet()


classmethod KeepDaysIsValid(KeepDays As %Integer) as %Status
Validate KeepDays value
method OnTask() as %Status
Default purge code

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