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abstract class %SYS.Ensemble

Method Inventory


classmethod CreateDocumentation(pProduction As %String = "", pIntro As %Boolean = 1, pFormat As %String, Output LogFileName As %String, Output URL As %String, Output BookName As %String, PDFFileName As %String, PDFRenderer As %String, ByRef Params As %String) as %Status
Wrapper around the Ens.Util.Documentation::CreateDoc() API to ensure that users have sufficient privileges to add the resulting material to the documentation.
classmethod EnsembleUsername() as %String
Correctly determine the expanded Ensemble username if the system is using multiple domains. If multiple domains are in use, then the Ensemble username should be present in the default domain.
classmethod GetEnsMetrics(pID As %String, pCount As %Integer, Output pValues, Output pStatus, Output pMsg, pInterval As %Numeric = 10) as %Status
Wrapper around the SYS.EnsMetrics::GetMainMetrics() API to ensure that all users with USE permissions on %Ens_Dashboard can get this information even if they aren't permitted to directly run code in the CACHESYS database.
classmethod GlobalInMirroredDB(pGlobal As %String = "", Output pMirrored As %Boolean) as %Status
classmethod ListAlertingUsers(Output pUsers As %String) as %Status
Return a list of users who are members of the %EnsRole_AlertManager role. A user must be permitted to edit alerts to call this API.
classmethod StartProduction(pProductionName As %String) as %Status
Secure wrapper for the StartProduction API in Ens.Director.
classmethod StopProduction(pTimeout As %Numeric = 10, pForce As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Secure wrapper for the StopProduction API in Ens.Director.
classmethod UpdateProduction(pTimeout As %Numeric = 10, pForce As %Boolean = 0, pCalledByScheduleHandler As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Secure wrapper for the UpdateProduction API in Ens.Director.
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