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class %ZEN.Component.composite extends

Base class for composite components. A composite component provides a way to pre-assemble a group of components that can be used as a single item.

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property childrenCreated as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean (XMLPROJECTION = "none") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Internal property.
This property is used to keep track of whether the contents of the composite element have been created or not.
Property methods: childrenCreatedDisplayToLogical(), childrenCreatedGet(), childrenCreatedIsValid(), childrenCreatedLogicalToDisplay(), childrenCreatedLogicalToOdbc(), childrenCreatedLogicalToXSD(), childrenCreatedNormalize(), childrenCreatedSet(), childrenCreatedXSDToLogical()


method %CreateComposite() as %Status
This internal method creates the contents of the composite component.
method %GetChildById(pID As %String) as %ZEN.Component.object
Server-side method Find a child of this composite using its non-qualified (short) id name.
classmethod %GetPaneContents(pGroup As, pPaneName As %String, Output pPaneExists As %Boolean) as %Status
For composites that define panes, this method creates the object tree for a given pane and adds it to the given group element.
Every pane name and pane block is assumed to start with "pane".
abstract method %OnAfterCreateComposite() as %Status
This callback is called after the children of this composite component have been created.
private method %OnNew(initvalue As %CacheString) as %Status
Constructor for composite components. If you override this method, be sure to invoke this code as well using ##super.
classmethod %OnSubmit(pSubmit As %ZEN.Submit) as %Status
This callback is called when a form defined on this composite is submitted. pSubmit is a %ZEN.Submit object containing details of the form submit.
Subclasses override this method.
clientmethod getChildById(id) [ Language = javascript ]
Client-side method Find a child of this composite using its non-qualified (short) id name.

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