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class %ZEN.Component.tabGroup extends

A specialized group used to enclose a set of overlayed tabs. One tab is visible at a time. This group does not support standard layout as it simply overlays each of its children.

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property currTab as %ZEN.Datatype.integer (ZENEXPRESSION = 1) [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
Number (1-based) of current tab displayed within tabGroup.
Property methods: currTabDisplayToLogical(), currTabGet(), currTabIsValid(), currTabLogicalToDisplay(), currTabLogicalToOdbc(), currTabNormalize(), currTabSet()
property onhideTab as %ZEN.Datatype.eventHandler;
onhideTab event handler: This event is fired when a new tab is hidden.
Property methods: onhideTabDisplayToLogical(), onhideTabGet(), onhideTabHandler(), onhideTabIsValid(), onhideTabLogicalToDisplay(), onhideTabLogicalToOdbc(), onhideTabNormalize(), onhideTabSet()
property onshowTab as %ZEN.Datatype.eventHandler;
onshowTab event handler: This event is fired when a new tab is made visible.
Property methods: onshowTabDisplayToLogical(), onshowTabGet(), onshowTabHandler(), onshowTabIsValid(), onshowTabLogicalToDisplay(), onshowTabLogicalToOdbc(), onshowTabNormalize(), onshowTabSet()
property remember as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true, remember most recent tab in a session cookie.
Property methods: rememberDisplayToLogical(), rememberGet(), rememberIsValid(), rememberLogicalToDisplay(), rememberLogicalToOdbc(), rememberLogicalToXSD(), rememberNormalize(), rememberSet(), rememberXSDToLogical()
property showBody as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
If true (the default), render the div containing the tab's bodys. If false, the content will still be rendered, but not contained in a div.
Property methods: showBodyDisplayToLogical(), showBodyGet(), showBodyIsValid(), showBodyLogicalToDisplay(), showBodyLogicalToOdbc(), showBodyLogicalToXSD(), showBodyNormalize(), showBodySet(), showBodyXSDToLogical()
property showTabBar as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true, display a set of tab buttons along the top of this group. The default is false.
Property methods: showTabBarDisplayToLogical(), showTabBarGet(), showTabBarIsValid(), showTabBarLogicalToDisplay(), showTabBarLogicalToOdbc(), showTabBarLogicalToXSD(), showTabBarNormalize(), showTabBarSet(), showTabBarXSDToLogical()


method %DrawHTML()
Inherited description: Static HTML display method: draw the BODY of this component as HTML.
Subclasses implement this in order to render the static HTML contents of a component.
method %GetTab(pIndex As %Integer)
Server-only method: Find the specified tab by index number (1-based).
method %OnMutateChildren(pAdd As %Boolean) as %Boolean
Notification that children have been added or removed from this group.
method %SetCurrTab(pTab As
Server-side method to set current tab of this tabGroup to pTab.
clientmethod childrenMutated() [ Language = javascript ]
Notification to subclasses that a child has been added or removed from this group.
clientmethod getCurrTabNo() [ Language = javascript ]
Return index (1-based) of current tab within the tabGroup.
clientmethod getTabBarElement() [ Language = javascript ]
Return the HTML TABLE element for the tab bar.
clientmethod getTabBodyElement() [ Language = javascript ]
Return the HTML DIV element for the tab body.
clientmethod getTabCount() [ Language = javascript ]
Return number of tabs within the tabGroup.
clientmethod getTabIndex(tab) [ Language = javascript ]
Look for the given tab object within this tabGroup's set of tabs and return its 1-based index number.
Returns -1 if unable to find the tab.
clientmethod ieResizeBody() [ Language = javascript ]
IE does not properly support the min-height CSS property. This routine forces a correction to the size of the tabBody should it be rendered too small.
clientmethod onRefreshContents() [ Language = javascript ]
Called after refreshContents.
abstract clientmethod onhideTabHandler(tabno) [ Language = javascript ]
Class-specific notification that a tab has been hidden. Implemented by subclasses.
clientmethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
This client event, if present, is fired when the page is loaded.
abstract clientmethod onshowTabHandler(tabno) [ Language = javascript ]
Class-specific notification that a new tab has been selected. Implemented by subclasses.
clientmethod setBodySize(height, width) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the size of the tab body and all tabs. width and height are in pixels.
You must override the CSS min-height for the tabBody for this to be effective.
clientmethod setProperty(property, value, value2) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the value of a named property.
Assume that subclasses that simply wrap HTML controls have named the control 'control' or else have overridden this method.
clientmethod showNextTab(skipDisabled) [ Language = javascript ]
Display the next tab in the tabGroup.
clientmethod showPreviousTab(skipDisabled) [ Language = javascript ]
Display the previous tab in the tabGroup.
clientmethod showTab(tabno) [ Language = javascript ]
Display the specified tab (given its 1-based tab number) and hide the current tab.
clientmethod tabDisabledHandler(tab) [ Language = javascript ]
Called by tabs of this group to notify that they have changed their disabled state.

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