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class %ZEN.Mojo.Plugin.HTML5Helper extends %ZEN.Mojo.Plugin.baseHelperPlugin

This plugin adds support for the base HTML 5 standard. 1.0.6 - decoupled documentation from plugin 1.0.7 - corrected typo in the spelling of the "strong" tag 1.0.8 - deprecated use of $key and $children in favor of key and children 1.0.9 - corrected extra comma delimiter issue in callback generator 1.0.10 - added logic to support $extra 1.0.11 - added custom setter to deal with $select under IE11 1.0.12 - added remapping for forInput attribute to refernce via keys rather than ids 1.0.13 - added support for $toggleVisibility() method 1.0.14 - added logic to address missing properties in early IE versions - for defaultShow() and defaultHide() methods 1.1.0 - revised basic layout object creation to reduce plug-in footprint - added $getAttributes method to all objects along with various purely internal methods - revised the default setAttribute method to deal with camelcase issues between HTML and Javascript attribute names - added support for $refresh() - added support for $ignoreClick, $ignoreChange, and $ignoreEvent 1.1.1 - more revisions to reduce plug-in footprint 1.1.2 - Rebranded $ignoreClick as $ignoreSelect for consistency with other modules 1.1.3 - Minor fixes to address refresh issues when the system has been given potentially - conflicting directives such as style='display:block' while hidden=true 1.1.4 - Revised refresh logic to address conflicts between updates to - $contents versus children specifications 1.1.5 - Revide projection of data attributes to require the prefix of 'data-' - in accordance with HTML5 standards

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property pluginName as %String [ InitialExpression = "HTML5Helper" ];
The unique name of the Plugin. All features of this plugin will be registered using this identifier.
Property methods: pluginNameDisplayToLogical(), pluginNameGet(), pluginNameIsValid(), pluginNameLogicalToDisplay(), pluginNameLogicalToOdbc(), pluginNameNormalize(), pluginNameSet()
property version as %String (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE") [ InitialExpression = "1.1.5" ];
A version string of the base helper plugin. Major/Minor/Build
Property methods: versionDisplayToLogical(), versionGet(), versionIsValid(), versionLogicalToDisplay(), versionLogicalToOdbc(), versionNormalize(), versionSet()


clientmethod createLayoutObjects(type, instance) [ Language = javascript ]
Create a layout object for a document view. These objects form the layoutgraph used to render the document. Each layout object contains the context and code needed to render itself.
clientmethod getFeatures() [ Language = javascript ]
This method returns an array containing objects which describe the all layout and ADA assistive elements the plug-in supports. Each object in the list has to set the property 'identifier' in order to register the element for this plug-in. Should multiple plug-ins attempt to register the same feature, the documentView component will indicate the conflict. Use the getPluginConflicts method in order to retrieve the conflicts. The first plugin which registers a feature will be used for dispatching in case there is a conflict. If you want to change preference, use the setPluginPreference method of the documentView.

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