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class %ZEN.Mojo.Plugin.jQMHelper extends %ZEN.Mojo.Plugin.baseHelperPlugin

This plugin adds support for the jQueryMobile library. It was developed and tested with jQM version 1.3.2 and jQuery 1.10.2. 1.0.15 - support additional missing attributes (JBE011) 1.0.14 - introducing library version in the classname 1.0.13 - support additional missing attributes (SWI081) 1.0.12 - support passing of options to showPopup method 1.0.11 - improved grid functionality and added the columnCount attribute 1.0.10 - decoupled documentation from plugin 1.0.9 - support theming of $navbaritem via the dataTheme attribute 1.0.8 - remove useContentTheme for $collapsible, $collapsibleset and add support for data-content-theme with attribute dataContentTheme 1.0.7 - moved the jQueryTheme property to the jQMPageManager 1.0.6 - added missing attributes to some widgets 1.0.5 - added support for 16x16 icons for listview items. Also cleaned up the documentation for the $listviewitem element. Added contentClass to allow styling of the content attribute. 1.0.4 - added suppressBackButton attribute to $header. 1.0.3 - updated documentation to reflect current state

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parameter XMLNAME = jQMHelper;
This parameter provides the default XMLNAME for the class. If it is empty then the class name will be used to construct a default XML name. The default XMLNAME is used as the top level tag when exporting objects and the export context did not provide an XML container name.


property jQueryBarTheme as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ InitialExpression = "a" ];
Current jQuery theme for grids and bars. Don't change them after initial set, but use the changeTheme method instead
Property methods: jQueryBarThemeDisplayToLogical(), jQueryBarThemeGet(), jQueryBarThemeIsValid(), jQueryBarThemeLogicalToDisplay(), jQueryBarThemeLogicalToOdbc(), jQueryBarThemeNormalize(), jQueryBarThemeSet()
property jQueryCollapsibleTheme as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ InitialExpression = "a" ];
Current jQuery theme for collapsible set. Don't change them after initial set, but use the changeTheme method instead
Property methods: jQueryCollapsibleThemeDisplayToLogical(), jQueryCollapsibleThemeGet(), jQueryCollapsibleThemeIsValid(), jQueryCollapsibleThemeLogicalToDisplay(), jQueryCollapsibleThemeLogicalToOdbc(), jQueryCollapsibleThemeNormalize(), jQueryCollapsibleThemeSet()
property jQueryHeaderTheme as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ InitialExpression = "a" ];
Current jQuery theme for header and footer. Don't change them after initial set, but use the changeTheme method instead
Property methods: jQueryHeaderThemeDisplayToLogical(), jQueryHeaderThemeGet(), jQueryHeaderThemeIsValid(), jQueryHeaderThemeLogicalToDisplay(), jQueryHeaderThemeLogicalToOdbc(), jQueryHeaderThemeNormalize(), jQueryHeaderThemeSet()
property pluginName as %String [ InitialExpression = "jQMHelper" ];
The unique name of the Plugin. All features of this plugin will be registered using this identifier.
Property methods: pluginNameDisplayToLogical(), pluginNameGet(), pluginNameIsValid(), pluginNameLogicalToDisplay(), pluginNameLogicalToOdbc(), pluginNameNormalize(), pluginNameSet()
property version as %String (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE") [ InitialExpression = "1.0.15" ];
A version string of the base helper plugin. Major/Minor/Build
Property methods: versionDisplayToLogical(), versionGet(), versionIsValid(), versionLogicalToDisplay(), versionLogicalToOdbc(), versionNormalize(), versionSet()


clientmethod changeTheme(newTheme="c", headerTheme="a", barTheme="a") [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod closePanel(id) [ Language = javascript ]
Closes a panel with the supplied id
clientmethod closePopup(key) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createLayoutObjects(type, instance) [ Language = javascript ]
Create a layout object for a document item. These objects form the layout graph used to render the document. Each layout object contains the context and code needed to render itself.
clientmethod getFeatures() [ Language = javascript ]
This method returns an array containing objects which describe all layout elements the plugin supports. Each object in the list has to set the property 'identifier' in order to register this layout element for this plugin. In case multiple plugins register for the same feature the documentView component will indicate this conflict. Use the getPluginConflicts method in order to retrieve the conflicts. The first plugin which registers a features will be used for dispatching in case there is a conflict. If you want to change preference use the setPluginMapping method of the documentView
clientmethod onCheckLibraries() [ Language = javascript ]
This method is supposed to check that all required libraries have been loaded. Returns true for success, false otherwise.
clientmethod openPanel(id) [ Language = javascript ]
Opens a panel with the supplied id
clientmethod showPopup(key, options) [ Language = javascript ]
Opens a popup with a given key. The second argument can be used to provide additional options to the popup.
clientmethod togglePanel(id) [ Language = javascript ]
Toggles a panel with the supplied id

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