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abstract class %iKnow.Model.nodeWithParameters extends %iKnow.Model.node

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relationship parameters as array of %iKnow.Model.parameter (XMLELEMENTREF = 1, XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT", XMLTYPECONSTRAINT = "CHOICE") [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%iKnow.Model.parameter","parent",+$this,"many",0,0) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = many ];
Property methods: parametersGet(), parametersGetObject(), parametersGetObjectId(), parametersGetSwizzled(), parametersIsEmpty(), parametersIsValid(), parametersNewObject(), parametersRClose(), parametersRExec(), parametersRFetch(), parametersRelate(), parametersSQLCompute(), parametersSet(), parametersUnRelate()

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