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class %iKnow.Model.domain extends %iKnow.Model.nodeWithParameters

Model representation of an iKnow domain object. See also %iKnow.Domain

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property allowCustomUpdates as %Boolean (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Whether or not to allow custom code to manually create domain objects, add sources, etc, outside of any updates applied by this Domain Definition itself. If set to false (default), only select operations remain available for custom code, such as setting individual metadata values and building metrics.
Property methods: allowCustomUpdatesDisplayToLogical(), allowCustomUpdatesGet(), allowCustomUpdatesIsValid(), allowCustomUpdatesLogicalToDisplay(), allowCustomUpdatesLogicalToXSD(), allowCustomUpdatesNormalize(), allowCustomUpdatesSet(), allowCustomUpdatesXSDToLogical()
relationship blacklists as array of %iKnow.Model.blacklist (XMLELEMENTREF = 1, XMLNAME = "blacklist", XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT", XMLTYPECONSTRAINT = "CHOICE") [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%iKnow.Model.blacklist","domain",+$this,"many",0,0) , Transient , Inverse = domain , Cardinality = many ];
Blacklists for use in this domain
Property methods: blacklistsGet(), blacklistsGetObject(), blacklistsGetObjectId(), blacklistsGetSwizzled(), blacklistsIsEmpty(), blacklistsIsValid(), blacklistsNewObject(), blacklistsRClose(), blacklistsRExec(), blacklistsRFetch(), blacklistsRelate(), blacklistsSQLCompute(), blacklistsSet(), blacklistsUnRelate()
relationship configurations as array of %iKnow.Model.configuration (XMLELEMENTREF = 1, XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT", XMLTYPECONSTRAINT = "CHOICE") [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%iKnow.Model.configuration","domain",+$this,"many",0,0) , Transient , Inverse = domain , Cardinality = many ];
The configurations used by this domain
Property methods: configurationsGet(), configurationsGetObject(), configurationsGetObjectId(), configurationsGetSwizzled(), configurationsIsEmpty(), configurationsIsValid(), configurationsNewObject(), configurationsRClose(), configurationsRExec(), configurationsRFetch(), configurationsRelate(), configurationsSQLCompute(), configurationsSet(), configurationsUnRelate()
property data as (XMLPROJECTION = "element");
Wrapper object for all source data locations that should be loaded into this domain.
Property methods: dataGet(), dataGetSwizzled(), dataIsValid(), dataNewObject(), dataSet()
property disabled as %Boolean (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
If set to 0, no domain is generated for this definition, nor is the contents of this >domain< element validated.
Property methods: disabledDisplayToLogical(), disabledGet(), disabledIsValid(), disabledLogicalToDisplay(), disabledLogicalToXSD(), disabledNormalize(), disabledSet(), disabledXSDToLogical()
relationship expressions as array of %iKnow.Model.expression (XMLELEMENTREF = 1, XMLNAME = "expression", XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT", XMLTYPECONSTRAINT = "CHOICE") [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%iKnow.Model.expression","domain",+$this,"many",0,0) , Transient , Inverse = domain , Cardinality = many ];
Expression elements for use in this domain definition
Property methods: expressionsGet(), expressionsGetObject(), expressionsGetObjectId(), expressionsGetSwizzled(), expressionsIsEmpty(), expressionsIsValid(), expressionsNewObject(), expressionsRClose(), expressionsRExec(), expressionsRFetch(), expressionsRelate(), expressionsSQLCompute(), expressionsSet(), expressionsUnRelate()
property matching as %iKnow.Model.matching (XMLPROJECTION = "element");
Wrapper object for all dictionary data that should be loaded into this domain.
Property methods: matchingGet(), matchingGetSwizzled(), matchingIsValid(), matchingNewObject(), matchingSet()
property metadata as %iKnow.Model.metadata (XMLPROJECTION = "element");
Metadata info for this domain
Property methods: metadataGet(), metadataGetSwizzled(), metadataIsValid(), metadataNewObject(), metadataSet()
property metrics as %iKnow.Model.metrics (XMLPROJECTION = "element");
Metrics for this domain
Property methods: metricsGet(), metricsGetSwizzled(), metricsIsValid(), metricsNewObject(), metricsSet()
property name as %String (MAXLEN = 150, XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
The name of the domain, which should be unique within the namespace
Property methods: nameDisplayToLogical(), nameGet(), nameIsValid(), nameLogicalToDisplay(), nameLogicalToOdbc(), nameNormalize(), nameSet()
property objectsPackage as %String (MAXLEN = 150, XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
If nonempty, objects will be generated representing the various elements in iKnow indexing results in the package named in this attribute. Existing objects will be replaced.
Property methods: objectsPackageDisplayToLogical(), objectsPackageGet(), objectsPackageIsValid(), objectsPackageLogicalToDisplay(), objectsPackageLogicalToOdbc(), objectsPackageNormalize(), objectsPackageSet()
relationship userDictionaries as array of %iKnow.Model.userDictionary (XMLELEMENTREF = 1, XMLNAME = "userDictionary", XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT", XMLTYPECONSTRAINT = "CHOICE") [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%iKnow.Model.userDictionary","domain",+$this,"many",0,0) , Transient , Inverse = domain , Cardinality = many ];
User Dictionaries for use in any configuration objects declared in this definition
Property methods: userDictionariesGet(), userDictionariesGetObject(), userDictionariesGetObjectId(), userDictionariesGetSwizzled(), userDictionariesIsEmpty(), userDictionariesIsValid(), userDictionariesNewObject(), userDictionariesRClose(), userDictionariesRExec(), userDictionariesRFetch(), userDictionariesRelate(), userDictionariesSQLCompute(), userDictionariesSet(), userDictionariesUnRelate()


method %SaveToClass(pClassName As %String, pOverwriteExisting As %Boolean = 1, pVerbose As %Boolean = 0, pCompile As %Boolean = 1, pSuper As %String = "%iKnow.DomainDefinition") as %Status
Saves this Domain Definition to a class
method %ToString(Output pString As %String, pFormatted As %Boolean = 1) as %Status
Outputs this Domain Definition as a %String
method %Validate() as %Status
Validates the domain name and its primary parameters, essential to the creation of the domain. %ValidateContent() will be called after the domain is instantiated to perform further validation on <domain> contents, being passed the domains ID
method %ValidateContent(pDomainId As %Integer) as %Status
Valiates the child elements of this domain, including <list> and its descendants. This method gets passed in the domain ID of the domain being validated, which could be required for some (nested) checks.
method %ValidateStatic(pDomainId As %Integer) as %Status
This method validates all static elements of the domain, such as metadata field definitions, metrics and any configuration and/or user dictionary objects embedded in this domain definition.

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