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class SYS.Agent extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Used to retrieve information about the current ISCAgent instance on this system (if any)

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private classmethod CheckStatusFile(fileName As %String) as %Boolean
Check for the existence and non-0 size of the candidate file
classmethod GetApplicationInterface() as %String
Returns the application interface adddress of the ISCAgent if it is running, "*" if bound on all ports, and an empty string otherwise
classmethod GetApplicationPort() as %Integer
Returns the application port of the ISCAgent if it is running, an empty string otherwise
private classmethod GetVMSPid() as %String
Gets the PID on VMS via the QueryAgent script
classmethod GetVersion() as %String
Returns the version string of the ISCAgent if it is running, an empty string otherwise
classmethod IsMirroringEnabled() as %Boolean
Returns true if the mirroring application is enabled, false otherwise
classmethod IsRunning() as %Boolean
Returns true if an instance of the ISCAgent is running on this system, false otherwise
private classmethod StatusFileName() as %String
Retrieves the default status file name for this OS
private classmethod StatusFileValue(property As %String) as %String
Retrieve the value of a status file property
classmethod VerifyConnection(timeout As %Integer = 10) as %Status
Verifies the ISCAgent is running available on its reported application port Returns $$$OK if the ISCAgent is available and responding to requests, and an error status if not.

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