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serial class SYS.History.SharedMemoryUsage extends %Library.SerialObject

Class to define an individual shared memory consumer for use with the SYS.History.SharedMemoryData class, which in turn is called by the application monitor (%Monitor.System.HistoryMemory).

Property Inventory (Including Private)

Properties (Including Private)

property Allocated as %Integer;
Shared Memory Allocated
Property methods: AllocatedDisplayToLogical(), AllocatedGet(), AllocatedIsValid(), AllocatedLogicalToDisplay(), AllocatedNormalize(), AllocatedSet()
property Available as %Integer;
Shared Memory Available
Property methods: AvailableDisplayToLogical(), AvailableGet(), AvailableIsValid(), AvailableLogicalToDisplay(), AvailableNormalize(), AvailableSet()
property ConsumerID as %Integer [ Required ];
Number of SMH Consumer
Property methods: ConsumerIDDisplayToLogical(), ConsumerIDGet(), ConsumerIDIsValid(), ConsumerIDLogicalToDisplay(), ConsumerIDNormalize(), ConsumerIDSet()
property ConsumerName as %String;
Name of SMH Consumer
Property methods: ConsumerNameDisplayToLogical(), ConsumerNameGet(), ConsumerNameIsValid(), ConsumerNameLogicalToDisplay(), ConsumerNameLogicalToOdbc(), ConsumerNameNormalize(), ConsumerNameSet()
property DateTime as %TimeStamp;
Time of sample
Property methods: DateTimeDisplayToLogical(), DateTimeGet(), DateTimeIsValid(), DateTimeLogicalToDisplay(), DateTimeNormalize(), DateTimeOdbcToLogical(), DateTimeSet()
property GSTUsed as %Integer;
General String Table Used
Property methods: GSTUsedDisplayToLogical(), GSTUsedGet(), GSTUsedIsValid(), GSTUsedLogicalToDisplay(), GSTUsedNormalize(), GSTUsedSet()
property SMTUsed as %Integer;
Static Memory Table Used
Property methods: SMTUsedDisplayToLogical(), SMTUsedGet(), SMTUsedIsValid(), SMTUsedLogicalToDisplay(), SMTUsedNormalize(), SMTUsedSet()
property TotalUsed as %Integer;
Total Memory used
Property methods: TotalUsedDisplayToLogical(), TotalUsedGet(), TotalUsedIsValid(), TotalUsedLogicalToDisplay(), TotalUsedNormalize(), TotalUsedSet()
property Used as %Integer;
Shared Memory Used
Property methods: UsedDisplayToLogical(), UsedGet(), UsedIsValid(), UsedLogicalToDisplay(), UsedNormalize(), UsedSet()


index (ZDTindex on ConsumerID) [IdKey, Type = key];

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