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persistent class SYS.Process extends %SYS.ProcessQuery

SQL Table Name: SYS.Process

This class provides several instance methods which operate on a process instance.
Properties/Storage/Queries are inherited from the %SYS.ProcessQuery class. The methods declared here are protected methods which can only be executed on a process if they have write access to the %DB_CACHESYS resource (i.e. can write to the CACHESYS database.) The process executing this query must be in the %SYS namespace.

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classmethod ProcessTableSize() as %Integer
Current size of the process table (number of process slots).
method ReleaseAllLocks() as %Status
Release ALL locks.
Release all locks for the process.
method Resume() as %Status
Resume a process.
Resumes a process after it had previously been suspended.
method Suspend() as %Status
Suspend a process.
Put a process into a wait state so it stops executing code.
method Terminate(SendError As %Integer = 0) as %Status
Terminate a process.
Kills a process by sending it a halt message.
If SendError is 1 the killed job will issue a <RESJOB> error and invoke the ^%ETN utility.

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