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class EnsLib.EDI.SEF.CommonNode extends EnsLib.EDI.SEF.Node

This class factors some common attributes for several nodes

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Properties (Including Private)

property ActRequirement as %String [ Calculated ];
This holds the calculated Actual requirement. It takes into account the user and standard requirement and applies the rules to determine the actual requirement that should be applied when parsing transactions
Property methods: ActRequirementDisplayToLogical(), ActRequirementGet(), ActRequirementIsValid(), ActRequirementLogicalToDisplay(), ActRequirementLogicalToOdbc(), ActRequirementNormalize()
property RepeatCount as %String;
This holds the maximum usage, >1 means unlimited repetition
Property methods: RepeatCountDisplayToLogical(), RepeatCountGet(), RepeatCountIsValid(), RepeatCountLogicalToDisplay(), RepeatCountLogicalToOdbc(), RepeatCountNormalize(), RepeatCountSet()
property StdRequirement as %String;
This holds the requirement as specified in the standard
Property methods: StdRequirementDisplayToLogical(), StdRequirementGet(), StdRequirementIsValid(), StdRequirementLogicalToDisplay(), StdRequirementLogicalToOdbc(), StdRequirementNormalize(), StdRequirementSet()
property UsrRequirement as %String;
This holds the requirement as specifier by the user
Property methods: UsrRequirementDisplayToLogical(), UsrRequirementGet(), UsrRequirementIsValid(), UsrRequirementLogicalToDisplay(), UsrRequirementLogicalToOdbc(), UsrRequirementNormalize(), UsrRequirementSet()

Methods (Including Private)

method ActRequirementGet() as %String
This is the accessor for the actual requirement. It applies the rules to determine the actual requirement that should be applied when parsing transactions
method UsrRequirementGet() as %String

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