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class Aviation.ReportDomain extends %iKnow.DomainDefinition

This class wraps all settings for the Aviation Events demo domain in a single XData block. Check the documentation on "Domain Definitions" or the class reference of %iKnow.DomainDefinition for more details.

Note: for licensing reasons, this domain is disabled by default. To enable it, open this class in Studio, change the "disabled" property in the root <domain> element of the Domain XData block to "false" and compile the class. Alternatively, run the SetupStandalone() method in Aviation.Utils.
This step is only required for licensing reasons, as the outcome of the compile-time actions taken by an iKnow domain definition could not be packaged in the distributed SAMPLES database before knowing the license context at the actual Cache instance where it will be installed.

Note on the data: The dataset provided in this sample demo is only a lightweight subset of the full NTSB dataset, which is available from This data is supplied here for demonstration purposes only and neither intended nor warranted to be accurate.
Courtesy: National Transportation Safety Board

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