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abstract class ZENTest.SVGChartTest extends

Zen SVG Chart test page. This is an abstract base class from which the actual chart test pages are created.

Method Inventory


parameter APPLICATION = ZENTest.TestApplication;
Application this page belongs to.
parameter DOMAIN = ZENTEST;
Domain used for localization.
parameter PAGENAME = SVG Chart Test Page;
Inherited description: Optional. This is the display name used for this page. If not provided, the class name is used.


clientmethod chartElementClick(chart) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod getBubbleChartData(series) [ Language = javascript ]
Callback to provide data for bubble chart.
clientmethod getBullseyeChartData(series) [ Language = javascript ]
Callback to provide data for bullseye chart.
clientmethod getChartData(series) [ Language = javascript ]
Callback to provide data for chart.
clientmethod getCountryLabels(value) [ Language = javascript ]
Return labels
clientmethod getHilowChartData(series) [ Language = javascript ]
Callback to provide data for hilow chart.
clientmethod getPercentBarXLabels(value) [ Language = javascript ]
Return label displayed on the X axis for the Percent Bar Chart.
clientmethod inspectElement(id) [ Language = javascript ]
Point object inspector to given component.
clientmethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
This client event, if present, is fired when the page is loaded.
clientmethod updateChart(idx) [ Language = javascript ]

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