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class %Atelier.v2.Utils.TextServices extends %Library.RegisteredObject

This class provides the external interface for retrieving, storing, and compiling documents representing classes, routines, and include files (amongst others).

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classmethod ErrToStatus(pErr) as %Status
classmethod GetTextAsArray(pFullName As %String, pFlags As %Integer = 0, Output pTextArray As %String, pBinary As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Given a name, return an array of strings representing the document. On success the returned pTextArray will have the 0 subscript set to the number of lines and the subscripts 1-n will contain the actual text.
Or, if the pBinary flag is set, the returned pTextArray will contain chunks of Base64-encoded data and the node pTextArray("bin") will be set to 1.
The pFlags parameter contains bit flags defined as:
Source format: 0 = UDL, 1 = XML, 2 = %RO
Class storage section only: 8

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