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abstract class %CSP.Mgr.GatewayRegistry

%CSP.Mgr.GatewayRegistry is a registry of gateways for Cache v2012.1 and later which provide gateway management functionality.

There are two types of gateway entries: active and inactive. Active gateway entries on gateways currently attached to the currently-running instance of Cache. Each active gateway is entered in to the historic list, where it is kept for a month. As such the historic list contains both active and inactive gateways, i.e., those not currently attached to the currently running instance of Cache.

Method Inventory


method GetGatewayMgrs(type As %String = "a") as %ListOfObjects

GetGatewayMgrs()() returns a set of managers for known gateways.

See class description for explanation of gateway types.

type indicates the type of gateways desired.

  • a - active gateways.
  • i - inactive gateways
  • b - both inactive and inactive.

returnA list of gateway managers: one for each selected gateway entry. Each object will have the following properties:

  • Server
  • Port
  • Version
  • IsActive
  • LastConnectTime
  • Security: You must have Read permissions on the "%Admin_Manage" resource to call this method.

method RemoveFilesFromCaches(listOfFilenames As %List = "", type As %String = "a") as %Status

RemoveFilesFromCaches()() removes files from a set of gateways.

listOfFilenames is a list filenames (%String) to be removed from the specified gateways. A file name may contain a wildcard, '*'. Use of the wildcard indicates that all files matching the string will be deleted, e.g., "/csp/myapp/*". An empty list indicates that the entire cache will be cleared. See documentation for %CSP.Mgr.GatewayMgr.ClearCache()() for a longer explanation of permissible file names.

type indicates the type of gateways targeted.

  • a - active gateways.
  • i - inactive gateways
  • b - both inactive.

Security: You must have Write permissions on the "%Admin_Manage" resource to call this method.