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class %CSP.Util.EnsStart extends %CSP.Page

This class is used internally by Caché. You should not make direct use of it within your applications. There is no guarantee made about either the behavior or future operation of this class.

This page is invoked from the System Management Portal to invoke the Ensemble Portal. If "ensemble" namespace exists then use it as default. Otherwise use the first one found from %SYS("Ensemble","InstalledNamespace").

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parameter DOMAIN = %Utility;
Default Localization Domain


classmethod GetNamespaces(ByRef Namespaces As %String = "") as %Integer
Return total number of namespaces that installed Ensemble, and array of the namespaces if any.
classmethod IsEnsembleInstalled() as %Boolean
Return 1 or 0 to indicate whether Ensemble is installed
classmethod OnPage() as %Status
Form for user to log in to a specific Ensemble namespace.

User should enter username (_SYSTEM as default provided), password and select a namespace.

classmethod OnPreHTTP() as %Boolean
Event handler for PreHTTP event: this is invoked before the HTTP headers for a CSP page have been sent.

When User clicks Ensemble from the Management Portal, this page will be invoked, and one of the following will happen

  1. If there is only one Ensemble namespace then we redirect the page to the Ensemble Home page
  2. If there are more than one Ensemble namespaces then we display this page and prompt the user to select a namespace.
  3. If no Ensemble namespaces are found (it should not happen as the Ensemble link would not be available from the Management Portal) the OK button is disabled.

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