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class %DeepSee.PMML.Definition.Extension extends %DeepSee.PMML.Definition.node

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Inherited description: The XMLIGNOREINVALIDATTRIBUTE parameter allows the programmer to control handling of unexpected attributes in the XML input. By default (XMLIGNOREINVALIDATTRIBUTE = 1), will ignore unexpected attributes. If XMLIGNOREINVALIDATTRIBUTE is set = 0, then an unexpected attribute will be treated as an error.
Inherited description: The XMLIGNOREINVALIDTAG parameter allows the programmer to control handling of unexpected elements in the XML input. The XMLIGNOREINVALIDTAG parameter will only take affect if XMLSEQUENCE = 0 (the default). By default (XMLIGNOREINVALIDTAG = 0), will treat an unexpected element as an error. If XMLIGNOREINVALIDTAG is set = 1 and XMLSEQUENCE = 0, then unexpected elements will be ignored.


property extender as %DeepSee.PMML.Datatype.String (XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE");
Property methods: extenderDisplayToLogical(), extenderGet(), extenderIsValid(), extenderLogicalToDisplay(), extenderLogicalToOdbc(), extenderNormalize(), extenderSet()
property iscExtensions as list of %DeepSee.PMML.Definition.Extension.ISCExtension (XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT", XMLTYPECONSTRAINT = "CHOICE");
Property methods: iscExtensionsBuildValueArray(), iscExtensionsCollectionToDisplay(), iscExtensionsCollectionToOdbc(), iscExtensionsDisplayToCollection(), iscExtensionsGet(), iscExtensionsGetObject(), iscExtensionsGetObjectId(), iscExtensionsGetSwizzled(), iscExtensionsIsValid(), iscExtensionsOdbcToCollection(), iscExtensionsSet(), iscExtensionsSetObject(), iscExtensionsSetObjectId()
property name as %DeepSee.PMML.Datatype.String (XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE");
Property methods: nameDisplayToLogical(), nameGet(), nameIsValid(), nameLogicalToDisplay(), nameLogicalToOdbc(), nameNormalize(), nameSet()
property value as %DeepSee.PMML.Datatype.String (XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE");
Property methods: valueDisplayToLogical(), valueGet(), valueIsValid(), valueLogicalToDisplay(), valueLogicalToOdbc(), valueNormalize(), valueSet()

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