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persistent class %Dictionary.CompiledXData extends %Library.Persistent, %Dictionary.CompiledXDataQuery

SQL Table Name: %Dictionary.CompiledXData

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parameter SQLENABLED = 1;


property Data as %Stream.TmpCharacter;
The data stream.
Property methods: DataDelete(), DataGet(), DataGetObject(), DataGetObjectId(), DataGetSwizzled(), DataIsValid(), DataNewObject(), DataOid(), DataOpen(), DataSet(), DataSetObject(), DataSetObjectId(), DataUnSwizzle()
property Deprecated as %Boolean;
True if this XDATA is deprecated.
Property methods: DeprecatedDisplayToLogical(), DeprecatedGet(), DeprecatedIsValid(), DeprecatedLogicalToDisplay(), DeprecatedNormalize(), DeprecatedSet()
property Description as %CacheString;
Specifies a description of the XData.
Property methods: DescriptionGet(), DescriptionIsValid(), DescriptionSet()
property Internal as %Boolean;
If true, then do not display this item in automatic documentation.
Property methods: InternalDisplayToLogical(), InternalGet(), InternalIsValid(), InternalLogicalToDisplay(), InternalNormalize(), InternalSet()
property KeywordError as %Boolean;
Property methods: KeywordErrorDisplayToLogical(), KeywordErrorGet(), KeywordErrorIsValid(), KeywordErrorLogicalToDisplay(), KeywordErrorNormalize(), KeywordErrorSet()
property KeywordModified as %Boolean;
Property methods: KeywordModifiedDisplayToLogical(), KeywordModifiedGet(), KeywordModifiedIsValid(), KeywordModifiedLogicalToDisplay(), KeywordModifiedNormalize(), KeywordModifiedSet()
property MimeType as %CacheString;
Mime type of XData block.
Property methods: MimeTypeGet(), MimeTypeIsValid(), MimeTypeSet()
property Name as %Dictionary.CacheIdentifier [ Required ];
The name of the xData block.
Property methods: NameGet(), NameIsValid(), NameSet()
property Object as %RegisteredObject [ Calculated ];
The object representation of this XData block after correlating the XML and importing it
property Origin as %CacheString;
Property methods: OriginGet(), OriginIsValid(), OriginSet()
property SchemaSpec as %CacheString;
The schema definition of the data.
Property methods: SchemaSpecGet(), SchemaSpecIsValid(), SchemaSpecSet()
property SequenceNumber as %Integer;
Property methods: SequenceNumberDisplayToLogical(), SequenceNumberGet(), SequenceNumberIsValid(), SequenceNumberLogicalToDisplay(), SequenceNumberNormalize(), SequenceNumberSet()
property XMLNamespace as %CacheString;
The default XML NameSpace for the XDATA.
Property methods: XMLNamespaceGet(), XMLNamespaceIsValid(), XMLNamespaceSet()
relationship parent as %Dictionary.CompiledClass [ Required , Inverse = XDatas , Cardinality = parent ];
Pointer to the containing parent object
Property methods: parentGet(), parentGetObject(), parentGetObjectId(), parentGetSwizzled(), parentIsValid(), parentNewObject(), parentRClose(), parentRExec(), parentRFetch(), parentRelate(), parentSQLCompute(), parentSet(), parentSetObject(), parentSetObjectId(), parentUnRelate(), parentUnSwizzle()


classmethod %Exists(oid As %ObjectIdentity) as %Boolean
Inherited description: Checks to see if the object identified by the OID oid exists in the extent.

Returns %Boolean TRUE if it exists, FALSE if it does not.

classmethod %LockId(id As %String, shared As %Boolean = 0, timeout As %Integer) as %Status
Inherited description: Obtain an exclusive or shared lock on the object identified by id. The type of lock obtained is determined by shared. This method is normally generated by the storage class for persistent classes using %Library.CacheStorage or %Library.CacheSQLStorage.
classmethod %UnlockId(id As %String, shared As %Boolean = 0, immediate As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Inherited description: Release an exclusive or shared lock on the object identified by id. The type of lock released is determined by shared. If this method is not overridden then the default implementation returns an error. This method is normally generated by the storage class for persistent classes using %Library.CacheStorage or %Library.CacheSQLStorage.
method ObjectGet() as %RegisteredObject
classmethod parentOnDelete(id As %String, concurrency As %Integer) as %Status


index (IDKEY on Name) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: IDKEYCheck(), IDKEYDelete(), IDKEYExists(), IDKEYOpen(), IDKEYSQLCheckUnique(), IDKEYSQLExists(), IDKEYSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IDKEYSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()


trigger OnDelete (BEFORE event DELETE);
trigger OnInsertUpdate (BEFORE event INSERT/UPDATE);

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