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Monitor sampling agent creates persistent metrics based on Monitor metadata information

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property DateTime as %String;
Timestamp for sample
Property methods: DateTimeDisplayToLogical(), DateTimeGet(), DateTimeIsValid(), DateTimeLogicalToDisplay(), DateTimeLogicalToOdbc(), DateTimeNormalize(), DateTimeSet()
property Itemgroup as %Monitor.ItemGroup;
ItemGroup class
Property methods: ItemgroupGet(), ItemgroupGetObject(), ItemgroupGetObjectId(), ItemgroupGetSwizzled(), ItemgroupIsValid(), ItemgroupNewObject(), ItemgroupSet(), ItemgroupSetObject(), ItemgroupSetObjectId(), ItemgroupUnSwizzle()
property LastSample as %ListOfDataTypes;
Last sample
Property methods: LastSampleGet(), LastSampleGetObject(), LastSampleGetObjectId(), LastSampleGetSwizzled(), LastSampleIsEmpty(), LastSampleIsValid(), LastSampleNewObject(), LastSampleSet(), LastSampleSetObject(), LastSampleSetObjectId(), LastSampleUnSwizzle()
property Mclass as %Monitor.Adaptor;
Metrics class
Property methods: MclassGet(), MclassGetSwizzled(), MclassIsValid(), MclassNewObject(), MclassSet()
property Sclass as %String (MAXLEN = 250);
Sample class
Property methods: SclassDisplayToLogical(), SclassGet(), SclassIsValid(), SclassLogicalToDisplay(), SclassLogicalToOdbc(), SclassNormalize(), SclassSet()


method Collect() as %Status
Collect all metrics
method Reset() as %Status
Reset the sample class

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