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class %Net.LDAP.Client.Entry extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %Collection.AbstractIterator

WARNING: This Class and its methods has been deprecated, please use the %SYS.LDAP class.

Entry object with attributes. (see %Net.LDAP.Client.Entries.GetCurEntry() Method)

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method DeleteDN() as %Status
Delete this entry. On success returns $$$OK, otherwise LDAP error.
method EditEntry() as %Net.LDAP.Client.EditEntry
Edit/Modify current entry attributes.

Returns EditEntry object, use the returned object to modify the attributes

method FirstAttrib() as %Boolean
Set the cursor to the first attribute. Returns true if there is a first entry.
method GetAt(Key As %String = "") as %CacheString
Finds and returns the value of the Attribute associated with key. GetAt returns the value of the element associated with key or null string ("") if no element is found.
method GetAttribName() as %String
Return current Attrib name
method GetAttribValue(binary As %Boolean = 0) as %Net.LDAP.Client.ValueList
Return current Attrib ValueList. Returns "" if there is no attribute. $$$ISERR if failed to get the value, otherwise returns value list object.
method GetDN() as %String
Return DN (Distinguished Name)
method GetNext(ByRef key As %CacheString) as %CacheString
Moves to the next key (atrribute name) at the location in the iteration, and returns the associated value. If the key is a null string (""), it starts from the beginning. The value of key, which is passed by reference, is updated to the key value of the returned element or null string ("") if key is at the end of the array.
Returns the next atrribute name at the location in the iteration. If key is a null string (""), then Next returns the first attribute name
method NextAttrib() as %Boolean
Move the cursor to the next attribute. Returns false if there are no more attributes.

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