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abstract class %XGEN.AbstractSequence extends %XGEN.AbstractNode, %XGEN.AbstractGroup

Note: This class is included because it is needed by other parts of the library. You should not use this or any other class within this package within your applications as a future version will be incompatible. If you are interested in this functionality please contact InterSystems.

This is the base class for sequences within an XGEN document.
See %XGEN.AbstractDocument for an overview of XGEN.
A sequence is a container that can hold one or more nodes within an XGEN document. A sequence does the following:
  1. optionally Generates one or more lines of code before processing its children.
  2. Loops over the child nodes within the sequence and asks each one to generate code in turn.
  3. optionally Generates one or more lines of code after processing its children.
To create a new sequence within a XGEN document, create a subclass of this class and override the %OnBeforeGenerateCode() and %OnAfterGenerateCode() methods to generate sequence-specific code.
Note that a subclass can prevent its child nodes from being processed by setting the skipChildren property to 1 in its %OnBeforeGenerateCode() method.

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