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class %ZEN.Mojo.WidgetReference.bootstrap33xHomepage extends %ZEN.Mojo.WidgetReference.abstractHomepage

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parameter APPLICATION = %ZEN.Mojo.WidgetReference.bootstrap33xApplication;
Class name of application this page belongs to. This is set by the %OnCreateApplication method.
parameter CSSINCLUDES = bootstrap-3-3-5/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css;
Inherited description: Comma-separated list of additional CSS include files for the page. If this page is using CSS3 then the CSS3INCLUDES parameter is used (if defined).
parameter JSINCLUDES = jquery-1.11.3.min.js,bootstrap-3-3-5/dist/js/bootstrap.min.js;
Inherited description: Comma-separated list of additional JS include files for the page.
parameter PAGENAME = bootsTrap 3.3.x Widget Reference;
Inherited description: Displayed name of this page. Overriden by application class.
parameter TEMPLATECLASS = %ZEN.Mojo.WidgetReference.bootstrap33xTemplate;
Inherited description: Starting template class for this page Used by contentProvider. This is overriden by application settings, if provided.


property embedded as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean (ZENURL = "EMBED") [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
If true, only show the core content.
Property methods: embeddedDisplayToLogical(), embeddedGet(), embeddedIsValid(), embeddedLogicalToDisplay(), embeddedLogicalToOdbc(), embeddedLogicalToXSD(), embeddedNormalize(), embeddedSet(), embeddedXSDToLogical()


clientmethod adjustContentSize(load, width, height) [ Language = javascript ]
Adjust size of components within the content area.

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