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class %ZEN.Portal.Application extends %ZEN.application

Base Zen application class for portal pages implemented using Zen.

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parameter APPLICATIONNAME = InterSystems Portal;
This is the name of this application.
parameter DOMAIN = %Utility;
Inherited description: The default domain for csp:text, span and div tags. This parameter is used to specify the subset of localized messages to be used on this page.
parameter HOMEPAGE = /csp/sys/%25CSP.Portal.Home.zen;
This is the URL of the main starting page of this application.


method %DrawSmallMenu(ByRef pMenu As %String, ByRef pLocatorMenu As %String)
Draw small menu at the top of the title area.
method %DrawTitleHTML(pProduct As %String, pTitle As %String, ByRef pSmallMenu, ByRef pLocatorMenu) as %Status
Draw the HTML contents of the title area for portal pages.
method %OnGetProductName() as %String
Get the product name for the page. May be called from none-Zen classes in SMP.
classmethod CanShowSwitch(PageName) as %Boolean
Determine if the "Switch" link for namespace can be shown. Return 1 if yes, and 0 if not.
method DrawUsername()
Draw username with (or without) link to change password. The link is built only for the Home page.
Define any context links for the context menu in the header piece 1: caption (if left null, a menu seperator will be built) piece 2: URL (this is required entry) piece 3: JS function name (if defined is a javascript to call such as "") Note that all security processing is performed in the page's CheckContextLinks() method.
Provide any quick links for pages.

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