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NOTE: This class is deprecated. Functionality is now covered by iKnow features embedded in DeepSee.

This is a utility class to enable iKnow metadata filters to be translated into DeepSee dimensions and vice versa. See the method descriptions for more details.

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classmethod GenerateMDFieldsFromDSDims(domainId As %Integer, cubeClassName As %String, ByRef levels=1, extIdProperty="", killExistingMDFields As %Boolean = 0, createAsHidden As %Boolean = 1) as %Status

NOTE: This method is deprecated. Use %iKnow.DeepSee.MDXFilter instead.

This method translates the DeepSee cube (identified through cubeClassName) dimension levels specified in the levels argument, into iKnow metadata fields in the domain specified through domainId and populates them for every fact in the referred cube.

The method assumes there is an unambiguous reference from the cubes source class (fact) to an existing iKnow Source, either in the form of a Property or method returning the external ID of the iKnow Source as expressed in the extIdProperty argument, or (when extIdProperty is "") with the first column of the source class' Extent query being exactly this external ID itself.

classmethod GenerateSourceObjectAndCubes(domainId, packageName="User", createCube=2, overwriteExisting=0, buildCubes=0) as %Status

NOTE: This method is deprecated. Please use the corresponding iKnow features embedded in DeepSee onwards (cf iKnow measures). Secondary cubes can be generated using CreateMRCube() and CreateEOCube() in %iKnow.DeepSee.CubeUtils.

This method will build a Caché object and DeepSee cubes on top of the iKnow indexing results in the domain identified through domainId, exposing them for use through COS or DeepSee.

First, this method will generate a class similar to %iKnow.Objects.Source named className to represent any source in this particular domain (hardcoding the domain ID), with additional properties for the metadata fields defined in this domain. In addition, (if createCube >= 1) it will generate DeepSee Cubes based on this new source class, (named classNameCube) as well as for corresponding Entities (classNameCubeEU, if createCube >= 2), EntityOccurrence (classNameCubeEO, if createCube >= 2) and Match results (classNameCubeMR, if createCube >= 3)

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