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Note: this stemmer only supports a single language as configured through its AffixFile and DictionaryFile properties.

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property AffixFile as %String;
Property methods: AffixFileDisplayToLogical(), AffixFileGet(), AffixFileIsValid(), AffixFileLogicalToDisplay(), AffixFileLogicalToOdbc(), AffixFileNormalize(), AffixFileSet()
property DictionaryFile as %String;
Property methods: DictionaryFileDisplayToLogical(), DictionaryFileGet(), DictionaryFileIsValid(), DictionaryFileLogicalToDisplay(), DictionaryFileLogicalToOdbc(), DictionaryFileNormalize(), DictionaryFileSet()


method Analyze(pToken As %String, Output pAnalysis)
Parses hunspell analysis for pToken returns multidimensional array pAnalysis = [number of results] pAnalysis(n, xx) = [part of the result starting with "xx:" (such as st and fl)] pAnalysis(n, "#") = [everything after "#"]
method Load()
Load the interface with the Affix and Dictionary file. Must be called before stemming can be performed

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