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persistent class PKI.Certificate extends %Library.Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

SQL Table Name: PKI.Certificate

X.509 Certificate. For use with PKI.CAClient and PKI.CAServer.

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property Contents as %String (MAXLEN = 5000) [ Required ];
PEM encoding of this X.509 certificate
Property methods: ContentsDisplayToLogical(), ContentsGet(), ContentsGetStored(), ContentsIsValid(), ContentsLogicalToDisplay(), ContentsLogicalToOdbc(), ContentsNormalize(), ContentsSet()
property Filename as %String [ Required ];
Filename specified by the PKI.CAClient that requested this X.509 Certificate
Property methods: FilenameDisplayToLogical(), FilenameGet(), FilenameGetStored(), FilenameIsValid(), FilenameLogicalToDisplay(), FilenameLogicalToOdbc(), FilenameNormalize(), FilenameSet()
property Hostname as %String (MAXLEN = 100) [ Required ];
DNS hostname of the PKI.CAClient that requested this X.509 Certificate
Property methods: HostnameDisplayToLogical(), HostnameGet(), HostnameGetStored(), HostnameIsValid(), HostnameLogicalToDisplay(), HostnameLogicalToOdbc(), HostnameNormalize(), HostnameSet()
property Instance as %String [ Required ];
Cache instance of the PKI.CAClient that requested this X.509 Certificate
Property methods: InstanceDisplayToLogical(), InstanceGet(), InstanceGetStored(), InstanceIsValid(), InstanceLogicalToDisplay(), InstanceLogicalToOdbc(), InstanceNormalize(), InstanceSet()
property Number as %String [ Required ];
Serial number. Max length = 20 octets = 49 digits.
Property methods: NumberDisplayToLogical(), NumberGet(), NumberGetStored(), NumberIsValid(), NumberLogicalToDisplay(), NumberLogicalToOdbc(), NumberNormalize(), NumberSet()
property Subject as %String (MAXLEN = 200) [ Required ];
String representation of the Subject Distinguished Name of this X.509 Certificate
Property methods: SubjectDisplayToLogical(), SubjectGet(), SubjectGetStored(), SubjectIsValid(), SubjectLogicalToDisplay(), SubjectLogicalToOdbc(), SubjectNormalize(), SubjectSet()


method GetSHA1Fingerprint() as %String
Return a text representaion of the SHA-1 Fingerprint of this X.509 Certificate.
method GetSubject() as %String
Return an RFC 2253 string representation of the Subject field of this X.509 Certificate.


query ListAll()
SQL Query:
SELECT Number,Hostname,Instance,Filename FROM Certificate WHERE Number <> 0 ORDER BY Number
query ListMy(Hostname As %String, Instance As %String)
SQL Query:
SELECT Number,Filename FROM Certificate WHERE Number <> 0 AND Hostname=:Hostname And Instance=:Instance ORDER BY Number


index (NumberIndex on Number) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: NumberIndexCheck(), NumberIndexDelete(), NumberIndexExists(), NumberIndexOpen(), NumberIndexSQLCheckUnique(), NumberIndexSQLExists(), NumberIndexSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), NumberIndexSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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Storage Model: CacheStorage (PKI.Certificate)

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