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abstract class %CSP.Mgr.GatewayRegistry

%CSP.Mgr.GatewayRegistry is a registry of gateways for Cache v2012.1 and later which provide gateway management functionality.

There are two types of gateway entries: active and inactive. Active gateway entries on gateways currently attached to the currently-running instance of Cache. Each active gateway is entered in to the historic list, where it is kept for a month. As such the historic list contains both active and inactive gateways, i.e., those not currently attached to the currently running instance of Cache.

Method Inventory (Including Private)

Methods (Including Private)

method GetGatewayMgrs(type As %String = "a") as %ListOfObjects

GetGatewayMgrs()() returns a set of managers for known gateways.

See class description for explanation of gateway types.

type indicates the type of gateways desired.

  • a - active gateways.
  • i - inactive gateways
  • b - both inactive and inactive.

returnA list of gateway managers: one for each selected gateway entry. Each object will have the following properties:

  • Server
  • Port
  • Version
  • IsActive
  • LastConnectTime
  • Security: You must have Read permissions on the "%Admin_Manage" resource to call this method.

method RemoveFilesFromCaches(listOfFilenames As %List = "", type As %String = "a") as %Status

RemoveFilesFromCaches()() removes files from a set of gateways.

listOfFilenames is a list filenames (%String) to be removed from the specified gateways. A file name may contain a wildcard, '*'. Use of the wildcard indicates that all files matching the string will be deleted, e.g., "/csp/myapp/*". An empty list indicates that the entire cache will be cleared. See documentation for %CSP.Mgr.GatewayMgr.ClearCache()() for a longer explanation of permissible file names.

type indicates the type of gateways targeted.

  • a - active gateways.
  • i - inactive gateways
  • b - both inactive.

Security: You must have Write permissions on the "%Admin_Manage" resource to call this method.

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