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class %CSP.Util.NavigatorPane extends %CSP.Util.Pane

This class is used internally by Caché. You should not make direct use of it within your applications. There is no guarantee made about either the behavior or future operation of this class.

Details for the Navigator pane of a CSP Admin page.

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property ShowMaxRows as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true, then the max rows textbox is display.
Property methods: ShowMaxRowsDisplayToLogical(), ShowMaxRowsGet(), ShowMaxRowsIsValid(), ShowMaxRowsLogicalToDisplay(), ShowMaxRowsLogicalToXSD(), ShowMaxRowsNormalize(), ShowMaxRowsSet(), ShowMaxRowsXSDToLogical()
property ShowNamespaces as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true, then namespace listbox is display.
Property methods: ShowNamespacesDisplayToLogical(), ShowNamespacesGet(), ShowNamespacesIsValid(), ShowNamespacesLogicalToDisplay(), ShowNamespacesLogicalToXSD(), ShowNamespacesNormalize(), ShowNamespacesSet(), ShowNamespacesXSDToLogical()
property bgcolor as %String;
Table back color
Property methods: bgcolorDisplayToLogical(), bgcolorGet(), bgcolorIsValid(), bgcolorLogicalToDisplay(), bgcolorLogicalToOdbc(), bgcolorNormalize(), bgcolorSet()


method DrawBODY(pInstance As PageInstance) as %Status
Inherited description: Overwritten by subclasses to draw anything this pane needs for the BODY section.
method DrawHEAD(pInstance As PageInstance) as %Status
Overwritten by subclasses to draw anything this pane needs for the HEAD section.
method OnGenerateCode() as %String
Inherited description: Subclasses override this to generate code during CSP processing

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