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class %DeepSee.extensions.clusters.DissimilarityModel extends %DeepSee.extensions.clusters.AbstractModel

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property ConstructHierarchy as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
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property LinkageType as %EnumString (VALUELIST = ",single,complete,average");
Property methods: LinkageTypeDisplayToLogical(), LinkageTypeGet(), LinkageTypeIsValid(), LinkageTypeLogicalToDisplay(), LinkageTypeLogicalToOdbc(), LinkageTypeNormalize(), LinkageTypeOdbcToLogical(), LinkageTypeSet()
property Mapper as %RegisteredObject;
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property MinSize as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
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property NewickTree as %String;
Hierarchy Tree in Newick Format
Property methods: NewickTreeDisplayToLogical(), NewickTreeGet(), NewickTreeIsValid(), NewickTreeLogicalToDisplay(), NewickTreeLogicalToOdbc(), NewickTreeNormalize(), NewickTreeSet()
property Outliers as %Integer;
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property State [ MultiDimensional ];
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property Tree as %String [ MultiDimensional ];
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private classmethod Create(dsName As %String, type As %EnumString, new As %Boolean, Output sc As %Status) as DissimilarityModel
method Execute(K As %Integer) as %Status
method GetClusterDissimilarity(k1 As %Integer, k2 As %Integer, Output sc As %Status) as %Double
method GetEffNumCL(Output sc As %Status) as %Integer
method Init() as %Status
method IsPrepared() as %Boolean
Inherited description: Checks whether the model is ready for an analysis to be executed. This is dependent on a specific algorithm and therefore this method is overriden by subclasses.
classmethod New(dsName As %String, type As %EnumString, Output sc As %Status) as DissimilarityModel
classmethod Open(dsName As %String, type As %EnumString, Output sc As %Status) as DissimilarityModel
method Reduce() as %Status
method RelativeClusterCost(k As %Integer, m As %Integer, Output sc As %Status) as %Double
Inherited description: Returns the realtive cost of a given cluster relative to a medoid point m. Cluster is identified by its ordinal number k. Point m is identified by its ordinal number.
method Save() as %Status
method SetCost(costCalculator As %RegisteredObject = "") as %Status
method SetSampleData(list As %List) as %Status
classmethod Test(N As %Integer, K As %Integer, type As %String, hier As %Boolean = 0, slist As %String = "") as %Status
method TotalCost()

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