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abstract class %SYS.Monitor.AbstractNotification extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Abstract class for a Notifier

User classes inherit from this class to become a Notifier for System Monitor.

Property Inventory (Including Private)

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Properties (Including Private)

property Notifications [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: NotificationsDisplayToLogical(), NotificationsGet(), NotificationsIsValid(), NotificationsLogicalToDisplay(), NotificationsLogicalToOdbc(), NotificationsNormalize(), NotificationsSet()
property State as %String [ InitialExpression = " " ];
Runtime state
Property methods: StateDisplayToLogical(), StateGet(), StateIsValid(), StateLogicalToDisplay(), StateLogicalToOdbc(), StateNormalize(), StateSet()

Methods (Including Private)

final method ClearNotifications() as %Integer
USER DOES NOT IMPLEMENT THIS METHOD This method is called to clear notifications for the SYS.Monitor Controller
method GetNextNotification(ByRef Sensor As %String = "", Output Severity As %Integer, Output Msg As %String) as %Status
Get Next Notification
final method LogCon(Msg As %String = "", Severity As %Integer = 0) as %Status
final method LogMsg(msg As %String = "") as %Status
final method OpenLog() as %Status
abstract method Post() as %Status
method Start() as %Status
USER MAY IMPLEMENT THIS METHOD This method is called when the notifier class is created.

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