This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble.

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abstract class %SYSTEM.Monitor extends %SYSTEM.Help

The %SYSTEM.Monitor class provides an interface for accessing the Caché System Monitor. You can Get/Set/Clear the system 'State' and 'Alerts' counter.

You can use it via the special $SYSTEM object.

You can call help to get a list of all entrypoints:

Do $SYSTEM.Monitor.Help()

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Methods (Including Private)

classmethod Alerts() as %Integer
Returns the number of alerts posted to cconsole.log.
classmethod Clear() as %Integer
Clears the alerts counter and sets the system state = 0 (OK).
classmethod ClearAlerts() as %Integer
Clears the alerts counter.
classmethod SetState(State As %Integer) as %Integer
Set the system state. See State() for allowed integer values.
classmethod State() as %Integer
Returns the system state as an integer.

-1: System is hung
0: System state is OK
1: System state is Warning
2: System state is Alert

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