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property %dsd as %CacheString [ MultiDimensional ];
%dsd is a multidimensional property containing name/value pairs of statement 'state' variables. State variables always include: %ERROR SQLCODE %msg %args %CursorNumber %CURSORVERSION %Metadata %RuntimeMode %ROWCOUNT %ROWID Private tables also use these: %TABLENAME - the physical table name. This is usually something like 'tempdb.LTT6' %SOURCENAME - the logical table name. This is similar to a local variable in that is has process or module scope (depending on %GlobalScope) %STOFF - the storage offset used by the physical table to segregate data from multiple table instances %GlobalScope - if true, then the private table is visible to the entire process, otherwise it is scoped by the current %sqlcontext object (typically the current method/procedure)
Property methods: %dsdGet(), %dsdIsValid(), %dsdSet()


method %Get(stateVar As %CacheString) as %CacheString
method %Set(stateVar As %CacheString, value As %CacheString) as %CacheString

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