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class Demo.DICOM.Production.Modality extends Ens.Production

This production simulates a Modality performing a C-FIND Request Demonstrates how to perform a C-FIND Request and also how to perform a C-CANCEL-RQ. You'll need a good emulator to connect to (Note that DVTK QR SCP program won't work for this as it's implementation of Cancel is buggy) Exercise this Demo by sending a test message (doesn't matter what) to the Demo.DICOM.Process.Modality process. View the message trace to see issued find and cancel requests and how to handle them

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parameter SETTINGS = ShutdownTimeout,UpdateTimeout,StorageLocation;
Inherited description: List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


property StorageLocation as %String;
This is the storage location for the DICOM streams to be stored
Property methods: StorageLocationDisplayToLogical(), StorageLocationGet(), StorageLocationIsValid(), StorageLocationLogicalToDisplay(), StorageLocationLogicalToOdbc(), StorageLocationNormalize(), StorageLocationSet()


classmethod OnStart(pTimeStarted As %String) as %Status
Override this in your Production class to do setup before the Production starts
classmethod Setup() as %Status
This is a setup method which configures DICOM for the demo.

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