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class Demo.REST.DirectoryOperation extends EnsLib.REST.Operation

This business operation accepts a request for Person or Employee directory services. The request specifies the action to be taken and any additional parameters needed. Then the remote REST service is invoked using the appropriate HTTP command, URL, and JSON formatted payload. The REST HTTP response is then parsed and the values are returned in a response object. This demonstrates automatically and manually constructing and sending a JSON payload, and retrieving and parsing a JSON object or collection response. It also demonstrates use of the four CRUD operations in the RESTful HTTP context: Create/PUT, Retrieve/GET, Update/POST, and Delete/DELETE.

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method OnMessage(pRequest As Demo.REST.DirectoryRequest, Output pResponse As Demo.REST.DirectoryResponse) as %Status
Inherited description: This is the default message handler. All request types not declared in the message map are delivered here
method getPersonProps(pArray, pCollectionObj)
copy Person properties from COS array to %ArrayOfDataTypes object, handling various data types appropriately

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