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class Ens.Util.Documentation

Method Inventory


classmethod BookName(pProduction As %String, Output BookName As %String, Output BookFileName As %String, Output LogFileName As %String)
Choose a book name and file name for the book and for the log, based on a CRC of the namespace and production name. The files are temporary, they will be created in the system's temp directory.
classmethod CheckDocExists(pProduction) as %Boolean
Return a boolean value indicating if the production documentation already exists.
classmethod CreateDoc(pProduction As %String = "", pIntro As %Boolean = 1, pFormat As %String, Output LogFileName As %String, Output URL As %String, Output BookName As %String, PDFFileName As %String = "", PDFRenderer As %String = "", ByRef Params As %String) as %Status
Production documentation generation -- Common code for HTML and PDF formats. See the description for methods CreateDocumentHTML and CreateDocumentPDF in class Ens.Config.Production.
classmethod GetDocHTML(ProductionClass As %String, Output URL As %String)
Helper method: Return the URL to render the production documentation in HTML format.
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