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abstract class EnsLib.HL7.MsgRouter.RuleAssistCompatible extends EnsLib.MsgRouter.VDocRuleAssistCompatible

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classmethod GetContextClass() as %String
Inherited description: Returns the context class. If the return value is not null, then users can not change it
classmethod GetDescription() as %String
Inherited description: Returns the description of the rule type
classmethod GetMetaData() as %String
Inherited description: This method returns the meta data for the cconstraint fields The structure of the meta data is the following: meta-data = comma separted list of fields field = colon separated values: = constraint-field-name : caption : [collection] # [type] [ # parameter ] the valid value for collection-type is commalist or null the valid values for type is configname, class or query the parameter for class is passed to the class finder dialog box.
classmethod GetPropertyList(ByRef pArray, pText) as %String
Inherited description: This method is called to return a list of properties
classmethod GetQueryData(ByRef pArray, pParam) as %String
Inherited description: This method is called when the constraint type is query. This method returns a comma separated list of all the possible values for a particular field The list will be used to populated the combo box.
classmethod IsHidden() as %String
Inherited description: If return true, then the class is excluded from the new rule wizard

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