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Deprecated: Adapter that sends application service requests to external EIS systems via an iWay XTE server

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parameter SETTINGS = Agent;
Inherited description: List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


property Agent as %String;
Name of the iWay XTE Agent instance to invoke
Property methods: AgentDisplayToLogical(), AgentGet(), AgentIsValid(), AgentLogicalToDisplay(), AgentLogicalToOdbc(), AgentNormalize(), AgentSet()
property Charset as %String [ InitialExpression = "Auto" ];
Text Charset to use to decode incoming data and encode outgoing data (iWay default configuration is UTF-8)
Property methods: CharsetDisplayToLogical(), CharsetGet(), CharsetIsValid(), CharsetLogicalToDisplay(), CharsetLogicalToOdbc(), CharsetNormalize(), CharsetSet()
property Port as %Integer (MAXVAL = 65535, MINVAL = 0) [ InitialExpression = "4575" , Required ];
TCP Port that the iWay XTE TCP Listener is listening on
Property methods: PortDisplayToLogical(), PortGet(), PortIsValid(), PortLogicalToDisplay(), PortNormalize(), PortSet()
property ResponseTimeout as %Numeric [ InitialExpression = 35 ];
Number of seconds to wait for a response back from iWay AM after sending a request
Property methods: ResponseTimeoutDisplayToLogical(), ResponseTimeoutGet(), ResponseTimeoutIsValid(), ResponseTimeoutLogicalToDisplay(), ResponseTimeoutNormalize(), ResponseTimeoutSet()


method IWayRequest(pRequest As Ens.Request, Output pResponse As Ens.Response) as %Status

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