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abstract class Ens.Rule.Utilities

Utility methods used by the Rules editor and compiler.

Method Inventory


classmethod GetFunctionSet(Output funcset) as %Status
Return the list of functions (methods) based on compiled classes.
If cache is found in ^Ens.FunctionSet, use it, otherwise, build it.
Cache ^Ens.FunctionSet is cleared by ^Ens.Projection.FunctionSet.
This list is returned in funcset.
The list is of the form: list(NAME) = $LB(class,name,specparsed).
classmethod ResolveFunction(pFuncName As %String, Output pClassName As %String, Output pMethodName As %String, Output pParsedSpec As %String) as %Status
If function is found in the FunctionSet, return the ClassName, MethodName and ParsedSpec Otherwise, return error
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