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abstract class Ens.VDoc.SearchTable extends Ens.SearchTableBase

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property PropId as %Integer [ Required ];
Index of a virtual property definition row in class Ens.Config.SearchTableProp, in the context of the current SearchTable subclass's storage extent
Property methods: PropIdDisplayToLogical(), PropIdGet(), PropIdIsValid(), PropIdLogicalToDisplay(), PropIdNormalize(), PropIdSet()
property PropValue as %String (MAXLEN = 256, TRUNCATE = 1) [ Required ];
Value found in the document using the ValueGetExpression from the property Item referred to by PropId
Property methods: PropValueDisplayToLogical(), PropValueGet(), PropValueIsValid(), PropValueLogicalToDisplay(), PropValueLogicalToOdbc(), PropValueNormalize(), PropValueSet()


classmethod DeleteProps() as %Status
Delete the objects that define SearchTable properties for this searchTable class and all other classes in the same inheritance tree.
classmethod IndexDoc(pDocObj As %Persistent) as %Status
Inherited description: Method which actually performs indexing of the message / document supplied in the pDocObj argument. This method should be overridden in subclasses.
classmethod IsListExpression(tGetExpression As %String) as %Boolean
Returns True if the given expression will return multiple values
Build output array of all documents and message headers that contain the given value for the given property
classmethod genGetCode(tGetExpression As %String) as %String
Generates an expression that 1) evaluates to a string value and 2) sets status code 'tSCGet'
classmethod genGetCodeList(tGetExpression As %String, tPreExpression As %String, tPostExpression As %String) as %String
Generates an expression that sets an array of values found in 'tList' and 2) sets status code 'tSCGet' It may evaluate to a string but we intend to ignore that.


index (indexDocId on DocId,PropId,PropValue) [Unique];
index (indexValue on PropId,PropValue,DocId) [IdKey, Type = key, Unique];

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