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class EnsLib.ITK.Framework.Service.SOAPRequestHandler extends EnsLib.ITK.Framework.Service.SOAPServiceBase

ITK Switchboard SOAP Service

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parameter SETTINGS = DistributionMode;
Inherited description: Can't do grace period without an OnTask loop


property DistributionMode as %String (VALUELIST = ",Relay,Authoritative,Non-Authoritative") [ InitialExpression = "Relay" , Required ];
Determines how Distribution Envelope wrapped messages will be delivered. Messages distributed from a 'Relay' service will be distributed using the best match from both Authoritive and Non-authoritive rules
Property methods: DistributionModeDisplayToLogical(), DistributionModeGet(), DistributionModeIsValid(), DistributionModeLogicalToDisplay(), DistributionModeLogicalToOdbc(), DistributionModeNormalize(), DistributionModeSet()


method AuthorizeRequest(Output invocationPattern) as %Boolean
Inherited description: Implemented by derived classes
method DetermineDistributionMode() as %String
method DetermineGenericService(Output pClass As %String, Output pMethod As %String)
Inherited description: Implemented by derived classes

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