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class EnsLib.PubSub.PubSubOperation extends EnsLib.PubSub.RoutingOperation

Specialized routing operation that performs a Publish / Subscribe lookup.

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parameter SETTINGS = DomainName;
Users can specify these values in the Ensemble Configuration Editor


property DomainName as %String (MAXLEN = 100);
This is the Publish/Subscribe domain name to use to find interested subscribers.
Property methods: DomainNameDisplayToLogical(), DomainNameGet(), DomainNameIsValid(), DomainNameLogicalToDisplay(), DomainNameLogicalToOdbc(), DomainNameNormalize(), DomainNameSet()


method OnRoutingRequest(pRequest As EnsLib.PubSub.Request, Output pResponse As EnsLib.PubSub.Response) as %Status
Look up the given topic in the configured PubSub subscription table.

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