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class EnsPortal.EDIDocumentView extends EnsPortal.Template.standardPage


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parameter AUTOLOGOUT = 0;
If true, then attempt to refresh this page when its session timeout period has expired. This will cause a login page to display if the current session has ended and security is set to require login.
parameter CSSINCLUDES = ensemble/Ensemble_Wizards.css;
Inherited description: Comma-separated list of additional CSS include files for the page. If this page is using CSS3 then the CSS3INCLUDES parameter is used (if defined).
parameter PAGENAME = EDI Document Viewer;
Displayed name of this page.
parameter RESOURCE = %Ens_MessageContent:USE;
User needs USE permissions on the %Ens_MessageContent resource to view this page.


property canViewFileSystem as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = $system.Security.Check("%Ens_ViewFileSystem","USE") ];
Is the user permitted to access the fileSelect popup.
Property methods: canViewFileSystemDisplayToLogical(), canViewFileSystemGet(), canViewFileSystemIsValid(), canViewFileSystemLogicalToDisplay(), canViewFileSystemLogicalToXSD(), canViewFileSystemNormalize(), canViewFileSystemSet(), canViewFileSystemXSDToLogical()
property categoryName as %String;
Property methods: categoryNameDisplayToLogical(), categoryNameGet(), categoryNameIsValid(), categoryNameLogicalToDisplay(), categoryNameLogicalToOdbc(), categoryNameNormalize(), categoryNameSet()
property displayRequested as %String (ZENURL = "SHOW");
"yes" or "no" determines whether or not to display the contents of the current message of interest, in addition to the form.
Property methods: displayRequestedDisplayToLogical(), displayRequestedGet(), displayRequestedIsValid(), displayRequestedLogicalToDisplay(), displayRequestedLogicalToOdbc(), displayRequestedNormalize(), displayRequestedSet()
property docClass as %String (ZENURL = "CLASS");
The Ensemble class that represents this type of electronic document. The ZENURL parameter CLASS is used to pass this value to the page when referenced from other pages.
Property methods: docClassDisplayToLogical(), docClassGet(), docClassIsValid(), docClassLogicalToDisplay(), docClassLogicalToOdbc(), docClassNormalize(), docClassSet()
property docFile as %String;
Property methods: docFileDisplayToLogical(), docFileGet(), docFileIsValid(), docFileLogicalToDisplay(), docFileLogicalToOdbc(), docFileNormalize(), docFileSet()
property docHeader as %String (ZENURL = "HDR");
The Ensemble ID of the stored message header object for the message of interest. The ZENURL parameter HDR is used to pass this value to the page when referenced from other pages.
Property methods: docHeaderDisplayToLogical(), docHeaderGet(), docHeaderIsValid(), docHeaderLogicalToDisplay(), docHeaderLogicalToOdbc(), docHeaderNormalize(), docHeaderSet()
property docId as %String (ZENURL = "EDIDOCID");
The Ensemble ID of the stored message body object for the message of interest. The ZENURL parameter EDIDOCID is used to pass this value to the page when referenced from other pages.
Property methods: docIdDisplayToLogical(), docIdGet(), docIdIsValid(), docIdLogicalToDisplay(), docIdLogicalToOdbc(), docIdNormalize(), docIdSet()
property docName as %String (ZENURL = "NAME");
Names the type of electronic document that we are working with: ASTM Document,HL7 Message,EDIFACT Document,X12 Document,XML Document. The ZENURL parameter NAME is used to pass this value to the page when referenced from other pages.
Property methods: docNameDisplayToLogical(), docNameGet(), docNameIsValid(), docNameLogicalToDisplay(), docNameLogicalToOdbc(), docNameNormalize(), docNameSet()
property docNumber as %String;
Property methods: docNumberDisplayToLogical(), docNumberGet(), docNumberIsValid(), docNumberLogicalToDisplay(), docNumberLogicalToOdbc(), docNumberNormalize(), docNumberSet()
property docSource as %String (ZENURL = "ORIGIN");
The data source for the message of interest: File,Header,Body. The ZENURL parameter ORIGIN is used to pass this value to the page when referenced from other pages.
Property methods: docSourceDisplayToLogical(), docSourceGet(), docSourceIsValid(), docSourceLogicalToDisplay(), docSourceLogicalToOdbc(), docSourceNormalize(), docSourceSet()
property docSpec as %String (ZENURL = "DOCSPEC");
Identifies the message structure or document schema you want to use to analyze the message of interest: service,category,msgtype,doctype,declared,stored,none. The ZENURL parameter DOCSPEC is used to pass this value to the page when referenced from other pages.
Property methods: docSpecDisplayToLogical(), docSpecGet(), docSpecIsValid(), docSpecLogicalToDisplay(), docSpecLogicalToOdbc(), docSpecNormalize(), docSpecSet()
property docType as %String;
Property methods: docTypeDisplayToLogical(), docTypeGet(), docTypeIsValid(), docTypeLogicalToDisplay(), docTypeLogicalToOdbc(), docTypeNormalize(), docTypeSet()
property dtChoice as %String;
Property methods: dtChoiceDisplayToLogical(), dtChoiceGet(), dtChoiceIsValid(), dtChoiceLogicalToDisplay(), dtChoiceLogicalToOdbc(), dtChoiceNormalize(), dtChoiceSet()
property dtClass as %String;
Property methods: dtClassDisplayToLogical(), dtClassGet(), dtClassIsValid(), dtClassLogicalToDisplay(), dtClassLogicalToOdbc(), dtClassNormalize(), dtClassSet()
property dtDisplay as %String;
Property methods: dtDisplayDisplayToLogical(), dtDisplayGet(), dtDisplayIsValid(), dtDisplayLogicalToDisplay(), dtDisplayLogicalToOdbc(), dtDisplayNormalize(), dtDisplaySet()
property msgType as %String;
Property methods: msgTypeDisplayToLogical(), msgTypeGet(), msgTypeIsValid(), msgTypeLogicalToDisplay(), msgTypeLogicalToOdbc(), msgTypeNormalize(), msgTypeSet()
property outFile as %String;
Property methods: outFileDisplayToLogical(), outFileGet(), outFileIsValid(), outFileLogicalToDisplay(), outFileLogicalToOdbc(), outFileNormalize(), outFileSet()
property saveToFile as %String;
Property methods: saveToFileDisplayToLogical(), saveToFileGet(), saveToFileIsValid(), saveToFileLogicalToDisplay(), saveToFileLogicalToOdbc(), saveToFileNormalize(), saveToFileSet()
property serviceName as %String;
Property methods: serviceNameDisplayToLogical(), serviceNameGet(), serviceNameIsValid(), serviceNameLogicalToDisplay(), serviceNameLogicalToOdbc(), serviceNameNormalize(), serviceNameSet()


Inherited description: Return the array of links to show in the locator bar.
method %OnAfterCreatePage() as %Status
Decorate the page.
method %OnGetPageName() as %String
Get the (localized) name of the page.
method %OnGetTitle() as %String
Get the (localized) title string for the page.
method DrawHTMLResult(pSeed As %String) as %Status
classmethod GetDefaultDir() as %String [ ZenMethod ]
method OnGetRibbonInfo(Output pDisplay As %Boolean, Output pViewIcons As %List, Output pSortOptions As %List, Output pSearchBox As %Boolean, Output pRibbonTitle As %String, Output pCommands As %List) as %Status
Get information to display in the ribbon bar.
classmethod SetDefaultDir(pPathname As %String) [ ZenMethod ]
method SetUpForRedraw(drw, nam, cls, src, fil, num, hdr, did, dsc, svc, cat, msg, doc, dto, dtl, dtd, sav, out) as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ ZenMethod ]
drw is "yes" or "no" - "yes" to draw the output and "no" to clear it. In either case we retain the values of all the input parameters in properties of the class.
method WriteMessage(msg As %RegisteredObject)
clientmethod browseSelect(name, wild) [ Language = javascript ]
User clicked one of the Browse buttons. Save the name of the textfield so that when you return you know which textfield to update.
clientmethod btnClear() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod btnOK() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod changeDTChoice() [ Language = javascript ]
What to do when the user selects a new dtChoice value.
clientmethod changeDocSource() [ Language = javascript ]
What to do when the user selects a new docSource value.
clientmethod changeDocSpec() [ Language = javascript ]
What to do when the user selects a new docSpec value.
clientmethod changeSaveToFile() [ Language = javascript ]
What to do when the user selects a new saveToFile value.
clientmethod changeURLNamespace(value) as %String [ Language = javascript ]
The input value is the name of the new namespace to switch to. This method will need to be overridden for classes such as EnsPortal.EDIDocumentView which cannot work without a URL parameter provided.
clientmethod onPopupAction(popupName, action, value) [ Language = javascript ]
This client event, if present, is fired when the a popup page launched from this page fires an action.
method resolveDocType(pDocClass, pVer, pName, pDoc=$$$NULLOREF) as %String
clientmethod validateAll() [ Language = javascript ]
Do validation of all fields on the form.

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