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class DeepSee.Model.KPIs.PluginDemo extends %DeepSee.KPIPlugIn

This simple plug-in demo provides two properties:

Method Inventory


parameter BASECUBE = Patients;
This plug-in works only with one cube
parameter LISTINGFIELDS = MxTestScore;
Specifies the field list (RETURN clause) of the listing used to supply data for this plug-in.
parameter LISTINGSOURCE = FactTable;
Query the fact table rather than the source table
parameter PLUGINTYPE = Pivot;
Display this plug-in in the Analyzer for drag & drop use
parameter PUBLIC = 1;
Display this one in the Analyzer


method %OnCompute(pSQLRS As %SQL.StatementResult, pFactCount As %Integer) as %Status
As input, this method receives a statement result that is the result of a listing query
method %OnGetMDX(ByRef pMDX As %String) as %Status
Get the base query for this plug-in.

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