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class HoleFoods.KPISQL extends %DeepSee.KPI

Example KPI definition using SQL statements against the HoleFoods transaction data.

Method Inventory


classmethod %OnGetListingSQL(ByRef pFilters As %String, ByRef pSelection As %String, pListingName As %String = "") as %String
This callback, if implemented, returns the text of an SQL query used to provide a "detail listing" for this KPI.
pFilters is an array of current filter values: pFilters(name)=value.
pSelection is an array containing information about the current selected items in the pivot. It contains 2 values:
pSelection("selectedRange") contains the current selected cells in the pivot as a string in the form "startRow,startCol,endRow,endCol" (1-based). "" if no cells are selected.
pSelection("rowValues") contains a csv-list of "row" values for the selected rows in the pivot (similar to the $$$VALUELIST value used for OpenWindow URLs. This may contain "\," for "," within the data values.
pListingName is the name of the listing to display. This is reserved for future use.
This method is simply a convenient alternative to the %OnGetListingResultSet() method. It takes precedence over the %OnGetListingResultSet() method.
method %OnGetSQL(ByRef pSQL As %String) as %Status
This callback, if implements, lets a subclass provide an SQL statement to fetch data for this KPI.

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