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abstract class SOAP.BaseService extends %SOAP.WebService

SOAP.BaseService is the base class for all sample web services. SOAP.BaseService illustrates moving error handling for all services into a common base class. Currently SOAP.Demo is the only sample web service.

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parameter NAMESPACE =;
Namespace. Each web service needs to supply this parameter.
parameter SERVICENAME = SOAPBase;
This is the name of our web service. Each web service needs to supply this parameter.


classmethod ApplicationError(code As %String, error As %String, detail As %String = "")
Create our own method to produce application specific SOAP faults.
classmethod OnInternalFault(fault As %SOAP.Fault, status As %Status)
Override to fix the fault for our needs. The OnInternalFault method will be called for all internal Cache errors after the default Cache fault has been created.
classmethod StatusError(code As %String, status As %Status)
Application specific error based on status code

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