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serial class Sample.Address extends %Library.SerialObject, %Library.Populate, %XML.Adaptor

This is a sample embeddable class representing an address.

Property Inventory


property City as %String (MAXLEN = 80, POPSPEC = "City()");
The city name.
Property methods: CityDisplayToLogical(), CityGet(), CityIsValid(), CityLogicalToDisplay(), CityLogicalToOdbc(), CityNormalize(), CitySet()
property State as %String (MAXLEN = 2, POPSPEC = "USState()");
The 2-letter state abbreviation.
Property methods: StateDisplayToLogical(), StateGet(), StateIsValid(), StateLogicalToDisplay(), StateLogicalToOdbc(), StateNormalize(), StateSet()
property Street as %String (MAXLEN = 80, POPSPEC = "Street()");
The street address.
Property methods: StreetDisplayToLogical(), StreetGet(), StreetIsValid(), StreetLogicalToDisplay(), StreetLogicalToOdbc(), StreetNormalize(), StreetSet()
property Zip as %String (MAXLEN = 5, POPSPEC = "USZip()");
The 5-digit U.S. Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) code.
Property methods: ZipDisplayToLogical(), ZipGet(), ZipIsValid(), ZipLogicalToDisplay(), ZipLogicalToOdbc(), ZipNormalize(), ZipSet()

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