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class Sample.TaskExample1 extends Sample.Task

Defining a task for End Users You want to generate a standard report that the user schedules to run, allowing them the flexibility to choose when it runs. By assigning Properties to the Class we can make items configurable such as where the report will be directed and perhaps a heading to be displayed. The System Management Portal will automatically display the properties for Printer and Heading and will validate that Printer is not "" You can add any logic you would like to any property

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property Heading as %String;
Property methods: HeadingDisplayToLogical(), HeadingGet(), HeadingIsValid(), HeadingLogicalToDisplay(), HeadingLogicalToOdbc(), HeadingNormalize(), HeadingSet()
property Printer as %String;
Output printer for report
Property methods: PrinterDisplayToLogical(), PrinterGet(), PrinterLogicalToDisplay(), PrinterLogicalToOdbc(), PrinterNormalize(), PrinterSet()


method OnTask() as %Status
Your program logic can be here in the OnTask method or in another class or a routine just be sure to return a status code from the OnTask method
classmethod PrinterIsValid(Printer As %String) as %Status

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