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class Sample.TaskExample3 extends Sample.Task

Find any tasks which should be running but have not Edit this class and change the to your email address and update the smtp server in the SendMail method before scheduling

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property Notify as %String);
list of email addresses ; delimited to notify
Property methods: NotifyDisplayToLogical(), NotifyGet(), NotifyIsValid(), NotifyLogicalToDisplay(), NotifyLogicalToOdbc(), NotifyNormalize(), NotifySet()
property NotifyOnOK as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
HealthCheck if set to 1 - Will notify that all jobs are completing successfully
Property methods: NotifyOnOKDisplayToLogical(), NotifyOnOKGet(), NotifyOnOKIsValid(), NotifyOnOKLogicalToDisplay(), NotifyOnOKNormalize(), NotifyOnOKSet()


method OnTask() as %Status
query the existing tasks look for tasks which are running and passed the next run time. If problems occur send email to notify.
classmethod ScheduleOnceDaily() as %Status
Example showing schedule with saving custom property values (Notify, NotifyOnOK)
method SendMail(pMessage As %String) as %Status

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